Meet the team

Nick Manrique 


I'm a PhD student at the LSGNT working in geometric analysis, which tries to study geometry using techniques from the theory of partial differential equations. Showing that maths is more fun and interesting  than just rote calculation is very important to me, and I hope that LMO convinces students from across the city of this! My non-mathematical interests include music and literature.

Arne Wolf 

Course development 

Hi, I’m a second year PhD student at the LSGNT. I work on using geometric ideas to understand discrete objects (which computers like to work with). In school I liked a lot to learn about maths in a playful way, for example in summer camps, where maths was combined with hiking, football, origami, dancing classes and much more. Now I enjoy returning to these kind of things as a teacher.

Bogdan Simeonov

Course management 

Hello! I am a first-year PhD student in the LSGNT, and I do this thing called homological mirror symmetry: it is a phenomenon first observed by physicists in the 80s and 90s, but then reformulated by mathematicians in a way that makes a deep connection between two types of geometry (symplectic and algebraic). I taught the Generating Functions course along Teymour and Harry. Outside of maths, I like basketball and making music.

Catinca Mujdei

Committee member

Hello! I'm a PhD student at the LSGNT, where I'm currently studying analytic number theory. I'm also interested in the ways in which number theory can be applied in real life, especially through cryptography, which I enjoy teaching about. When I'm not doing maths, I like exploring London, and I've recently started bouldering.

Daniel Platt

Course management 

Hey! I’m a postdoc at Imperial College London working on pure maths, and I am particularly interested in geometry and things related to geometry. And because everything is related to geometry, that means I’m interested in everything! I very much enjoy explaining geometry and other university maths to people outside of university. Other than that I like making pancakes and sitting in my garden (eating pancakes).

Dan Simms 

Parents and student liaison 

I’m a first year PhD student with the LSGNT, studying geometry using tools from algebra. I also really like films, cooking, and outreach work helping people who want to study maths beyond school!

Harry Spencer

Committee member 

Ines Chung-Halpern

Child safeguarding

Izaak Fairclough 

Parents and student liaison 

Hi! I'm a PhD student in the LSGNT, working within the Langlands programme. This means I'm interested in a web of connections between different ideas, with a focus on Galois theory (the symmetries of polynomials) and modular forms (special very symmetric functions). I love doing outreach work, especially introducing exciting ideas from advanced maths to younger students! Away from maths, I love music, cooking, and playing badminton.

Jaime Mendizabal

Course development 

Mads Christensen


I'm the one making sure that you all have place to be when you're participating in LMO's events. Besides that, I'm a 3rd year PhD student at UCL where I try to combine the areas of number theory (the study of equations using only integers) and geometry (the study of shapes), and then I spend much of my free time enjoying several different sports!

Maartje Wisse

Data protection

I'm a first year PhD student at the LSGNT and  I do topology, which is the study of shapes when we remove the idea of lengths and angles! I taught the Knots course in May 2024 and am looking forward to what LMO does next!

Michela Barbieri

Committee member

Hi! I’m a 3rd year PhD student at UCL and I work in an area of pure/theoretical maths called algebraic geometry, which uses algebra to study shapes. I have a passion for teaching so when I heard about LMO I was really excited to get the opportunity to teach some higher level maths to school-age children and young people. I co-taught the knots course with Maartje and it was so much fun! If you have any questions about studying maths feel free to get in touch with me at

Paul Lezeau

Secretary and webmaster 

Sara Veneziale

Committee member

Hello! I am a final year PhD student at the LSGNT and Imperial College London. My research is at the intersection of algebraic geometry and machine learning, but I like all things computational! When not doing maths, I like cooking and am passionate about environmental issues.

Teymour Gray

Parents and student liaison

Hello! I’m a first year PhD student at UCL, working in an area of pure mathematics called number theory, which is the study of the integers, their algebraic generalisations and all the symmetries in between! I had a lot of fun teaching the Generating Functions course with Harry and Bogdan and looking forward to future LMO escapades :)